HOWTO setup your proxies for use on the University network

Two ways of specifying proxies

There are basically two ways of telling a program which proxies to use. The program can either ask for a proxy and port (and an optional list of exclusions), or it can ask for the location of a PAC file.

A PAC file is a Proxy Auto Configuration file. In it, an admin can specify in great detail which proxies to use for which site. The campus PAC file is hosted at

Proxy and port combination

Most programs (that support proxies at all) support this method. The easiest way to set it up, it to edit /etc/profile.d/ file. It should contain the following:

export http_proxy=
export ftp_proxy=

Most programs should then (on next logon) be able to use the proxies. Some may need to be told explicitly though. The proxy hostname is '' and the port is 3128.

Auto configuration

This method has to be set up for each program that wants to use it. To date I have tested it successfully with Konqueror, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox's settings are in Tools|Options|General|Connection Settings

Konqueror's settings are in Settings|Configure Konqueror|Proxy|Proxy

Opera's settings are in Tools|Preferences|Network|Proxy servers


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