Psinetkey is a GUI front-end for pynetkey using WXwidgets.

NOTICE: As psinetkey was never meant to be released, I have removed it from the site. Currently it has the option to save the username and password on disk in zipped format, but does not warn the user of the implications. If you are interested in the source you can mail me at cpjvanwyk at gmail.


This is my first attempt at python GUI dev that I did in 2005 and was never meant to be released. There are still two bugs I am aware of:

  1. Psinetkey does not disconnect when you close it, you have to click the "Disconnect" button.
  2. Sometimes there is something funny with the way psinetkey saves usernames and passwords - if you change your details it might not get saved correctly.

In windows at least, it has these features: Minimize to tray, saving of username and/or password, auto-connect when opened and non-intrusive status popups.

NOTE: If you do choose the save-details option, your details gets saved in your home directory (linux: /home/user/.psinetkey, XP: documents and settings/user/.psinetkey, Vista: users/user/.psinetkey).Saved details are NOT encrypted (as this would be trivial to reverse engineer), but your password is zipped before storing it in the text file, so it is not visible as plaintext.

ON LINUX: Some of the WX functionality psinetkey uses does not work correctly under linux last I checked, such as restoring after being minimized to the system tray, and also the translucent notification popup when connecting/disconnecting. This might have been fixed in newer releases of wxpython.

If anybody actually ends up using psinetkey, I will consider fixing the bugs and improving performance. Send me a mail at cpjvanwyk at gmail for support.

Here is the psinetkey source: (link removed)

And here is a psinetkey windows executable that should work on any XP/Vista PC even without python installed: (link removed)

Disclaimer: Software provided as-is, I accept no responsibility for any consequences of using it.

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